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Acupressure Point To Create Spleen Meridian Pulse

H7 & P7

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H7 Description 

Location: Meridian H7 is the ulnar end of the distal wrist crease where the palm faces upward.

Treatment: Creator of Spleen Meridian pulse;

Angina pectoris, Palpitation, excessive sweating. An important tranquilizer point. Shenmen in chinese means. Gods door H5 H6 H7 palpitation, anxiety, hysteria, insomnia and mental disorders. Rhythm disorders of the heart.

Cardiac pain; vexation; mania and withdrawal; poor memory; racing of the heart; fright palpitations; insomnia; yellowing of the eyes; pain in the lateral costal region; heat in the palms.

P7 Description

Location: Meridian P7 is located on anterior forearm, on the center of wrist-crease.

Treatment: Creator of Spleen Meridian pulse

Wrist problem, finger, heart gas,

Cardiac pain; palpitations; stomach pain; vomiting; fright palpitations; mania and withdrawal; pain in the chest and lateral costal region.

TCM Actions: Clears the heart and quiets the spirit; harmonize the stomach and loosens the chest; clears construction and cools the blood

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