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Acupressure Point To Control Triple Warmer Meridian Pulse

UB 60

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Location: Observe the outer aspect of the ankle joint. You will find out there, a prominent bone, called the lateral malleolus. Meridian UB60 is located just behind the lateral malleolus.

Treatment: Controller of Small Intestine and Triple Warmer Meridian pulse.

Headache; stiff neck; visual dizziness; nosebleed; hypertonicity (state of abnormally high tension) of the shoulder and arm; lumbar pain (lower back); pain in the heel; infantile epilepsy (sudden stiffening); difficult delivery.

TCM Actions: Dispels tai yang channel pathogens; rectifies uterine blood stagnation; soothes the sinews and transforms damp; strengthens the lumbar and kidney.

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