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Ankle Sprain

Ankle Sprain

Acupressure Points

Meridian ST41

Location: Meridian ST41 is located at the centre of the front surface of ankle joint.Acupressure Meridian Point ST41 Anatomy

Meridian GB40

Location: Meridian GB40 is located in a shallow depression below (and in front of) the lateral maleolus.

Image GB40 curenowforeverAnatomy GB40 curenowforever

Meridian UB60

Location: Observe the outer aspect of the ankle joint. You will find out there, a prominent bone, called the lateral malleolus. Meridian UB60 is located just behind the lateral malleolus.


Guidelines for Beginners:

  1. Apply pressure. If the points are sore, use less pressure (light touch). If you are muscular or more fat in skin, then you can increase the pressure till it hurts. Pressure should be applied for one minute for each points. Deep relaxation during the acupressure points helps to balance the systems and healing energy within your body.
  2. Avoid pressing on wounds & cuts.
  3. Timing. Press for 1 minute on any one point and take at least 4 hour break while pressing the same point.
  4. Breathing technique. While sitting or lying straight, inhale air counting then keep the air in the lungs counting and then exhale counting Then pause, Do not inhale counting and repeat the process again by inhaling air counting
  5. Medical condition. Be sure to get medical care. Acupressure can enhance your health and relieve common ailments but it is not a substitute for getting medical attention and treatment. Please see a doctor, and get a second medical opinion, if you have severe health problems.
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