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Acupressure Treatment Guidelines

Unit Of Measuring Distance:

Accurately locating the acupressure point is important to conduct a successful acupressure treatment. The unit of measuring distance of meridian point are in “CUN” (pronounce as “soun”). If you want to find the point on another person, you must use his finger or thumb to measure on his body. The size of the finger and thumb differs among people.  If you are providing acupressure treatment to the child, then your hand may be too large, so please consider the size of patients finger accordingly.


1 Cun

One cun equals to the width of the thumb




1.5 Cun

One and half cun equals to the width of the two fingers




2 Cun

2 cun equals to the width of the three fingers




3 Cun

3 cun equals to the width of the four fingers




It is not advisable to rely solely on photos and anatomy provided. The perfect index of accurately finding the points are based on the points sensitive or pain when pressure is applied. 

Whenever there is any wrong with an organ or part of the body, its corresponding point become very sensitive and tender. The pressure on the area around the same point will give less pain.

Acupressure Treatment Timing:

Acupressure treatment can be taken anywhere at any time. However, there are different timing for the maximum flow of bioenergy in the meridians of different organs


7 am to 9 am   – Stomach

9 am to 11 am – Spleen

11 am to 1 pm  – Heart

1 pm to 3 pm  – Small Intestine

3 pm to 5 pm  – Urinary Bladder

5 pm to 7 pm  – Kidney

7 pm to 9 pm  – Pericardium

9 pm to 11 pm – Triple Warmer

11 pm to 1 am – Gall Bladder

1 am to 3 am   – Liver

3 am to 5 am   – Lungs

5 am to 7 am   – Large Intestine


Treatment :

Applying pressure can be given to the points using the tips of the thumbs, the middle finger or index finger. If pressure is to be applied on three or four points located close to one another, then four finger can be used simultaneously.

Acupressure treatment can be taken in any position of the body. If the treatment is given to someone else make them to sit or lie in such a position that they feels comfortable.

Treatment duration can be one minute on each point. Each of the points are required to be stimulated in a pumping manner. Usually the acupressure treatment once to three times a day is sufficient. After the disease is cured, then the treatment can be taken on alternative days.

Precautions :

  • One should better take some food before taking the treatment
  • Treatment should be taken two hours after meals.
  • One should not take acupressure treatment within two hours of taking any medicine.
  • One should not take acupressure treatment within half an hour after bathing in hot water.
  • Most of the Acupressure treatments are not recommended during pregnancy.
  • Acupressure treatment should not be taken on the injured part of the skin.
  • One should not take acupressure treatment on the fractured bone.

Discomfort :

During the initial stages of the acupressure treatment, the patient sometimes suffer form some discomforts such as headache, diarrhoea and mental disorder like irritation. These discomforts disappear on their own in a few days. During these days the patient does not have the feeling of illness, but feel that body is being cleaned. Acupressure experts consider these discomfort as good signs and indications of improvement.






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